Understanding your business’s financial metrics and steering to you to profitability

Our Virtual CFO combines the benefits of our virtual accounting function with the incorporation of a business advisor and consultant.

Three main areas of focus:

Business Financial Advisory and Consulting

Tax Preparation and Consulting

Accounting Function Oversight

Business financial advisory and consulting through ongoing regular scheduled communication means:

  • First and foremost we provide you, the business owner, with an objective sounding board for the issues that concern you and the ideas you have for the growth of your business
  • Review and interpret the latest financial results
  • Help prioritize future financial expenditures  
  • Discuss current business goals and aspirations
  • Discuss strategies to maximize profits, minimize potential threats, and accomplish the vision of the company
  • Review cash flow management, debt reduction strategies, and expense management
  • Develop future projections based on potential outcomes  

Tax preparation, compliance, and consulting:

  • Prepare company federal and state income tax returns
  • Review tax strategies and compliance
  • Prepare the owners of the company’s individual federal and state tax return 
  • Provide guidance and planning on company and individual tax issues
  • Assist with sales tax compliance
  • Assist with sales tax audits, workers comp audits
  • As an A La Carte Item, we will assist with income tax audits

Accounting Function Oversight:

  • Work with setting up accounting systems
  • Guide internal control measures
  • Work with either your in-house accounting staff or our virtual or outsourced accounting team members with timely completion of financial data
  • Review accounting policies and procedures and recommend or help implement best practices

When done in conjunction with our Virtual CFO program, we will provide additional services for a fee:

  • Income tax audits
  • Negotiations with the IRS or state agencies for tax delinquencies 
  • Due diligence on business acquisitions
  • Assist with bank loan packages
  • Business feasibility studies